Our blog is a fantastic source of information related to employee rights, unfair employment practices, wrongful termination, overtime pay, harassment in the workplace and other issues related to labor law. Read the blog to stay up-to-date on all our employment law-related work, cases, and info on class action lawsuits.

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If you are employed as an hourly paid table games supervisor and worked more than 40 hours in a workweek, you may not have been properly compensated for all your overtime hours.  If so, you may have a claim against your employer for back wages, penalties, and interest. Contact Us Today to Learn More Federal… Read more »

This video came to our attention a few days ago and does a great job of conveying the importance of class action lawsuits; what they mean to employees and customers as well as the implications for business and a just society.

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Welcome to the Thierman Buck Law Firm Blog.  The purpose of this blog is to publish interesting and new developments relating to our areas of focus (i.e.. wage and hour, employee benefits, etc.).  The purpose of this blog is not, however, to give legal advice.  If you believe that you have a potential employment related case that… Read more »