This is a class action on behalf of employees of Renown Health for failure to compensate for all hours worked and failure to pay overtime. The defendant maintained a timekeeping policy through which all hourly-paid workers would clock in and clock out via a KRONOS timekeeping system. Meanwhile, Plaintiff and other employees were required to record and document patient care notes and records through EPIC, an electronic medical record system. Plaintiff claims that a comparison between KRONOS and EPIC data demonstrates that Plaintiff interacted with the EPIC system when she was off the clock and/or during her meal break, indicating that Plaintiff was not compensated for all of the hours that she actually worked. Despite knowing this that its employees were performing uncompensated labor, Defendant failed to prevent the performance of such work. Therefore, Plaintiff demands for herself and other members of her class the payment of all regular rate wages owed for three years immediately preceding the filing of her complaint, as well as compensation at 1 ½  her regular rate of pay for all overtime pay owed, as well as 60 days wages and attorneys’ fees, costs, and interest as provided by the law.


A copy of the complaint can be accessed here.