Proposed Class Action Against Fresh & Easy For Denying Workers’ PTO

From Law360: Fresh & Easy LLC was hit with a proposed class action Wednesday in Delaware federal court accusing the bankrupt grocery chain of failing to reimburse employees for unused vacation days when they leave the company. A former hourly employee at a Las Vegas store location, said in an adversary complaint that the company… Read more »

Fresh and Easy adv. Lewis

This is a class action on behalf of all Nevada and Arizona employees of Fresh and Easy who were not paid their accrued and unused Paid Time Off (“PTO”) wages at the time of separation of employment from Fresh and Easy.   A former Fresh and Easy customer associate from Las Vegas is seeking to… Read more »

Riviera adv. Sullivan

This is a federal and Nevada state law wage and hour collective and class action for unpaid wages resulting from Riviera’s policy of failing to compensate employees for time spent collecting and reconciling a “cash bank” and for failing to include a meal payment in the calculation of the regular rate of pay in the… Read more »

Nevada Farm Workers to Receive $2.8M in Peri & Sons Case

In a victory for Nevada onion farm workers, a federal judge ruled in December 2015 that the settlement of $2.8 million achieved by Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym Ltd. and Thierman Buck LLP was a fair payment for the workers’ lawsuit, filed in February 2011. The original suit claimed Peri & Sons did not always… Read more »

Terrible Herbst adv. Neville

This is a Nevada wage and hour class action on behalf of employees who are owed wages for the time they spent engaging in required work activities. Plaintiff alleges that Terrible Herbst failed to properly pay employees in two ways. First, employees who worked a graveyard shift were promised a base hourly rate of $8.50… Read more »

Judge Considers Class Action Status for Reno Housing Authority Case

A December 14th, 2015 story on SF Chronicle sheds light on the litigation process and the potential for the Reno Housing Authority case (Reno Housing Authority adv. Roces) to move to class action status. Judge Robert C. Jones noted that the case was both “interesting” and an “uphill battle for plaintiffs.” The Thierman Buck team believes that… Read more »

Reno Housing Authority

This is a collective action under federal and Nevada state law for failure to pay minimum and overtime wages to persons who entered into a “Live In” agreement with Reno Housing Authority (“RHA”). Live Ins were provided a rent free apartment in exchange for watchman/security, handyman/maintenance, and/or property management type duties. The Live Ins are… Read more »

Reno Housing Authority Being Sued by Disabled Vet

The Associated Press wire story has been picked up by print and television news media on Thierman Buck client Joaquin Roces. A lawsuit was filed in Federal court on behalf of disabled veteran Joaquin Roces against the Reno Housing Authority for failure to pay minimum wage and failure to pay overtime premium. Roces was evicted shortly after… Read more »

Conditional Class Certification Granted for Wal-Mart Pharmacists

Wal-Mart Pharmacists were granted conditional class certification on August 18, 2015 by U.S. District Judge Andrew J. Guilford. Judge Guilford reasoned that conditional certification was warranted because: “This task–providing immunizations to customers–benefited Wal-Mart with increased revenues, but provided little perceivable benefit to the pharmacists.” It’s a win for Nikmanesh and other class action members. Wal-Mart had argued… Read more »

Wynn adv. Cesarz

Thierman Buck Achieves Big Victory For Tipped Employees. This is a class action under federal law for failure to pay minimum wage and overtime pay due to an alleged unlawful tip pool policy. In April of 2013 Joseph Cesarz and Quy Ngoc Tang filed a class action lawsuit against their employer Wynn, Las Vegas, LLC,… Read more »