Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act Puts Americans Last

  The Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act making its way through Congress is bad for consumers and workers The bill would, for example, slash enforcement against securities fraud, enable pharmaceutical companies to fix prices artificially high, make it easier for employers to pay women less than men, free up payday lenders to ignore rules… Read more »

House Bill Would Hurt Employees, Consumers, And Investors

The GOP lead House Judiciary Committee passed a bill titled the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act” which is anything but fair. This bill—if passed—would actually encourage more corporate fraud against consumers and individuals because it would nearly eliminate the class action mechanism whereby people can join together to sue for investor cheating, consumer rights,… Read more »

Venetian adv. Yousif

This is a collective and class action on behalf of employees who worked at The Venetian/The Palazzo as housekeepers and were required to work off the clock and without compensation during the time it took them to stock their cleaning carts prior to the beginning of their shifts, and for the time they were required… Read more »

ITS Logistics adv. Walsh

This is a collective and class action on behalf of employees who used their work computer to track their time for pay purposes. Because they were required to log in/log off/boot up their computer prior to the system registering their time for pay purposes, Plaintiff alleges she was not paid all wages due under federal… Read more »

Wahlburgers adv. Fain

This is a class action alleging Wahlburgers did not pay non-exempt hourly employees (e.g., bartenders, waitresses, cooks, dishwashers, et cetera) overtime wages for the time they worked over 8 hours in a workday and/or over 40 hours in a workweek. Settled The Court approved the Parties’ settlement agreement in February 2018.

Sitel adv. Laurin

This is a class action under Nevada law on behalf of customer service representatives at call centers in Las Vegas who had to perform activities such as logging in and out of computer systems “off the clock” and without compensation. Because employees weren’t paid for their log in/log off/boot up time they were also not… Read more »

Western Range Association adv. Castillo

This is a collective and class action on behalf of shepherds and former shepherds who worked for Defendants in California and Nevada under the H-2A (temporary nonimmigrant worker visas) program. Under the H-2A Regulations, shepherds are entitled to the wages and certain working conditions outlined in the H-2A Regulations, which became part of a contract… Read more »

Judge Grants Preliminary Approval of $4.5M Wage Deal Against Labor Ready

U.S. District Judge Dean D. Pregerson preliminarily approved a wage deal to settle wage claims against Labor Ready Southwest Inc. The case was originally filed seven years ago and alleged violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and California Labor laws for shorting day laborers for time spent waiting for assignments and travel time… Read more »

Fresh and Easy adv. Lewis

This is a class action on behalf of all Nevada and Arizona employees of Fresh and Easy who were not paid their accrued and unused Paid Time Off (“PTO”) wages at the time of separation of employment from Fresh and Easy.   A former Fresh and Easy customer associate from Las Vegas is seeking to… Read more »

Terrible Herbst adv. Neville

This is a Nevada wage and hour class action on behalf of employees who are owed wages for the time they spent engaging in required work activities. Plaintiff alleges that Terrible Herbst failed to properly pay employees in two ways. First, employees who worked a graveyard shift were promised a base hourly rate of $8.50… Read more »