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Were you required to sign background check authorizations prior to employment? You may be entitled to participate in the action to recover money for improper credit checks run during your job search.

Starbucks may have violated the FCRA

This is a class action against Defendants Accurate Background, Inc. and Starbucks Corporation for violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) for the improper acquisition and use of consumer and/or investigative consumer reports to conduct background and credit checks on prospective employees on behalf of Starbucks. Plaintiff alleges Defendants violated the FCRA by failing to comply with federal mandates for obtaining and using background and credit reports to make employment related decisions for prospective and current employees because Plaintiff and all prospective and current employees were required to sign defective background and credit report authorizations prior to being hired.


The Parties entered into a voluntary and confidential settlement agreement in May 2017.


Accurate adv. Garner: Complaint

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