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What is Overtime Pay?

Overtime pay (sometimes referred to as "OT") is typically the wages paid in excess of regular hours worked beyond 40 hours per week.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers are required to pay time and a half wages (regular rate x 1.5) for all hours worked beyond 40 hours per week.

This means if your regular hourly rate is $9.00, and you work 50 hours during a given workweek, you should be receiving $135.00 in overtime pay that week ($9.00 x 1.5 = $13.50 x 10 OT hours = $135.00). Keep in mind, that is in addition to the 40 hours of regular wages. In this example your total weekly income before taxes and other costs would be $495 (regular wage of $360 + OT wage of $135 = $495).

PLEASE NOTE: Overtime pay calculations in this overtime calculator are based on an 40-hour regular work week and do not take into account various state laws, industry categories, holidays, exemptions or other criteria which might afftect the outcome. The U.S. Department of Labor has an interactive FLSA Overtime Calculator Advisor that will walk you through the various stages and possible exemptions for determining the overtime pay.