Medliant adv. Mabute



This is a class and collective action case about labor trafficking and its impact on an essential workforce, including failure to pay minimum wages, suppression of wages, and unfair compensation. This case was filed on behalf of nurses who entered the United States to perform work for Medliant and Medliant’s clients and are or were subject to Medliant’s Employment Agreement requiring the payment of liquidated and other damages for failure to meet a specified hours commitment.

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2023.11.22 Medliant adv. Mabute First Amended Complaint

2023.12.28 Medliant adv. Mabute Notice of Removal

2024.04.01 Medliant adv. Mabute Order Granting Motion to Remand

2024.04.03 Medliant adv. Mabute Notice of Appeal of Order Granting Motion to Remand

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