Washoe County Sheriff adv. Luckett



Our office filed an action against the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Chuck Allen for unlawfully taking the property of persons detained at the jail by issuing paycards upon release instead of remitting the actual cash that was impounded.

The effect of issuing the paycards results in these person incurring significant fees and costs to access their money.

Attached is an Order from Washoe County District Court Judge Jerome Polaha that was issued on April 5, 2017, which confirms that Plaintiff Luckett can proceed with his claims against both the Sheriff’s Office and Mr. Allen for the unlawful taking of Plaintiff’s property.

This is class action case.  If you, or anyone you know, have been issued a paycard upon release from the Washoe County jail, please contact our office immediately. You may be owed money for the fees incurred on accessing your money.


This case has settled.


Luckett Order Denying Motion to Dismiss

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