Off the clock violations

Off-the-clock violations occur when an employer forces hourly paid non-exempt employees to perform work “off-the-clock” without compensation. Typically, these claims arise when an employer maintains a strict no-overtime policy but the employee workload simply does not allow for all the work to get completed.

Another example would be an employer expecting employees to check in or out equipment, to go through lengthy security procedures before or after a shift, or to perform other job related duties wrongfully off-the-clock.The ordinary result is that the employer requires (or expects) the employee to work without recording his or her hours.

Off-the-clock violations break federal and state laws and are often brought as class actions. If you or anyone you know has to perform work before clocking-into the timekeeping system such as putting on a uniform; booting up a computer and/or reading emails; or retrieve radios, keys, or a cash bank; then you may be entitled to recover your unpaid wages for the time you spent performing those activities.