Red Robin adv. Rosete

This is a class action on behalf of employees of Red Robin Restaurants in Nevada for shift jamming and failure to pay overtime wages. Plaintiff alleged that she was scheduled to work shifts until late in the evening hours and then was required to return for her next shift the following morning to work a… Read more »

Lucky Club Casino adv Russum

This is a Class Action suit on behalf of employees of Lucky Club Casino for failure to pay minimum wages and overtime as well as failure to timely pay all wages due and owing. Defendant failed to provide health insurance benefits of less than 10% of employees’ total gross income while paying Plaintiff at an… Read more »

PJ’s Las Vegas adv Hernandez

This is class action case on behalf of current and former employees of Papa John’s. There are two groups of employees in this case, (1) delivery drivers and (2) employees who were paid their final wages with a pre-paid cash card upon separation of employment. Plaintiff alleges failure to pay wages under Nevada wage and… Read more »