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Domino’s Pizza LLC adv. Flores



Thierman Buck LLP has filed a class-action lawsuit against Domino’s Pizza LLC (Domino’s) to recover car expenses on behalf of pizza delivery drivers who were employed by Domino’s at some point from November 5, 2017 to the present.

Domino's Pizza Driver

Domino’s does not reimburse its delivery drivers for the cost of maintaining their vehicles even though they are required to use their personal cars for deliveries. As a result of, Defendant’s “no reimbursement” policy, Domino’s delivery drivers may be entitled to recover unpaid wages for having to use their own personal vehicles on behalf of Domino’s.

If you were a delivery driver for Domino’s at any time from November 5, 2017, to the present date, and if you used your personal vehicle to make deliveries while you were employed by Domino’s, you may be entitled to recover unpaid wages. To find out if you qualify, contact us today!

The parties have entered into Arbitration on an individual basis and the case has closed.


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Primary Complaint (Domino’s)

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