Wal-Mart Association, Inc. adv. Nelson

This is a Collective and Class Action on behalf of warehouse workers required to perform pre-shift duties such as donning PPE and retrieving mobile scanners and printers off the clock.  Plaintiff works in one of Wal-Mart’s food storage warehouses in both the dry section and the cold section.  As part of Plaintiff’s work requirements in… Read more »

NorthBay Healthcare Group adv. Santiago

This is a collective and class action case under federal and California state law on behalf of patient-care employees for off-the-clock work, unpaid wages, meal and rest period violations, and failure to provide accurate wage statements. Plaintiff alleges that employees performed both overtime and non-overtime off-the-clock work while charting in Defendant, NorthBay’s electronic medical record… Read more »

Domino’s Pizza LLC adv. Flores

Thierman Buck LLP has filed a class-action lawsuit against Domino’s Pizza LLC (Domino’s) to recover car expenses on behalf of pizza delivery drivers who were employed by Domino’s at some point from November 5, 2017 to the present. Domino’s does not reimburse its delivery drivers for the cost of maintaining their vehicles even though they… Read more »

Renown adv. Nevett

This is a class action on behalf of patient-care employees of Renown Health for failure to compensate for all hours worked, failure to pay overtime premium pay, and for auto-deducted meal/rest periods that were uninterrupted. Plaintiff’s Complaint alleges Defendant, Renown Health failed to pay patient-care employees for time spent recording and documenting patient care notes… Read more »

Putter’s Bar & Grill adv Maestas

This is a Class Action suit on behalf of employees of Putter’s Bar and Grill for failure to pay minimum wages and overtime as well as failure to timely pay all wages due and owing. Defendant failed to provide health insurance benefits of less than 10% of employees’ total gross income while paying Plaintiff at… Read more »

PR Restaurant Management, LLC adv Ramirez

This is a class action on behalf of employees of PR Restaurant Management for shift jamming and failure to pay overtime. Plaintiff had frequently worked over eight hours in a 24-hour workday: for example, working a shift in the late afternoon and evening hours and then returning early the next morning to work a day… Read more »

Dignity Health adv. Darling and Jara

This is a collective and class action case based on federal and California and Nevada state law on behalf of patient-care employees for off-the-clock work, unpaid wages, meal and rest break violations, and failure to pay proper overtime premium pay. Plaintiffs’ Complaint alleges Defendant, Dignity Health consistently understaffed their facilities, obligating Plaintiffs and other patient-care… Read more »

Thierman Buck Wins Again At The Ninth Circuit

The Ninth Circuit ruled that the Nevada federal district court impermissibly assumed the truth of intrinsic documents when it dismissed Plaintiff’s case and that Plaintiff had sufficiently alleged Nevada minimum wage, unpaid wage, and breach of contract claims. From Law360.com: 9th Circ. Revives Capital One Rep’s FLSA Suit By Danielle Nichole Smith Law360 (April 15, 2020,… Read more »

Select Medical adv. Arends

This is a nationwide collective and class action case brought on behalf of all patient care employees who worked for Select Medical.     Case Information Plaintiffs allege that Select Medical suffered and/or permitted them to use the electronic medical record (EMR) software program called EPIC when they were clocked out of the timekeeping system… Read more »

9th Circ. Revives H-2A Shepherds’ Minimum Wage Suit

  By Tiffany Hu Law360 (June 20, 2019, 5:38 PM EDT) — A split Ninth Circuit on Wednesday revived a lawsuit brought by a group of foreign shepherds on H-2A visas accusing a ranch of underpaying them, ruling that the shepherds had met the standards for keeping their suit in federal court. A Nevada federal judge… Read more »