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Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act

Homes built with imported drywall from China in the 80s caused health risks and losses that would have been impossible to fix were it not for class action litigation.


The Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act making its way through Congress is bad for consumers and workers

The bill would, for example, slash enforcement against securities fraud, enable pharmaceutical companies to fix prices artificially high, make it easier for employers to pay women less than men, free up payday lenders to ignore rules against deceptive advertising, and prevent individuals from pooling resources to take wrongdoers to court.

What can you do?

The House passed this bill over Democratic objections and will move to the Senate. Call your Senator and urge him or her to oppose the Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act. You can reach the Congressional switchboard at (202) 225-3121, give the operator your zip code and you will be connected to your Senator’s office.

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