Washington Times: Strippers Sue Reno Over New Ban On Dancers Under 21

RENO, Nev. (AP) – A group of strippers between the ages of 18 and 21 are suing the city of Reno over a new law banning women younger than the legal drinking age from working in strip clubs. The eight strippers are seeking $15 million in damages for alleged violations of their civil rights, the… Read more »

City of Reno adv Castellanos

This is a class action on behalf of female exotic dancers and female patrons of adult interactive cabarets (strip clubs) who are between 18 and 21 years of age. The Plaintiffs claim violations of their civil rights and violations of their First Amendment rights including violation of equal protection under the law and discrimination due… Read more »

Reno City Council Vote Allows Strip Clubs And Sign To Stay

From Reno Gazette Journal: The Reno City Council voted 6-1 Wednesday afternoon to allow strip clubs to remain in downtown Reno and allow clubs to continue using digital signs. Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus was the lone dissenter in the two decisions, which came after hours of discussion of proposed amendments to the Reno Municipal Code —… Read more »

Sexism in Reno’s Strip Clubs: How Regulators Denigrate the Trade

Nevada lawmakers have it out for strippers. According to a lawsuit in Federal Court, a city order in Reno requires that female dancers register with the government to obtain “work cards” before they can legally perform. To secure one, dancers must be fingerprinted, disclose work history, pay a hefty fee and agree to an FBI… Read more »

City of Reno adv Discopolus

This is a Section 1983 Civil Rights action against the City of Reno for violation of equal protection of the law and violation of the First Amendment freedom of expression clause. The Reno Municipal Code (“RMC”) requires female topless dancers to obtain a work card, but does not require male dancers who engage in the… Read more »