Wal-Mart Association, Inc. adv. Nelson

This is a Collective and Class Action on behalf of warehouse workers required to perform pre-shift duties such as donning PPE and retrieving mobile scanners and printers off the clock.  Plaintiff works in one of Wal-Mart’s food storage warehouses in both the dry section and the cold section.  As part of Plaintiff’s work requirements in… Read more »

Wal-Mart Must Pay For Delayed Overtime Pay, 9th Circ. Says

The Ninth Circuit decision on the hearing held July 8, 2016, clearly states overtime pay is a form of wages and that Nevada law waiting time penalties can be accessed on a failure to pay overtime. This is a significant victory for employees who are forced to take their employers to court when the employer fails… Read more »

Overtime Compensation Are Wages Argues Thierman Buck

On July 8, 2016, Joshua D. Buck of Thierman Buck urged the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to reverse a Nevada District Court Judge’s decision that held overtime compensation is not “wages” under Nevada law. A former Wal-Mart employee on Friday urged the Ninth Circuit to revive her putative class action alleging the… Read more »

Walmart adv. Evans

This is a class action on behalf of all Nevada Walmart employees who were not compensated the correct overtime rate for all overtime hours worked.

Conditional Class Certification Granted for Wal-Mart Pharmacists

Wal-Mart Pharmacists were granted conditional class certification on August 18, 2015 by U.S. District Judge Andrew J. Guilford. Judge Guilford reasoned that conditional certification was warranted because: “This task–providing immunizations to customers–benefited Wal-Mart with increased revenues, but provided little perceivable benefit to the pharmacists.” It’s a win for Nikmanesh and other class action members. Wal-Mart had argued… Read more »

Walmart adv. Nikmanesh

This is a class and collective action on behalf of hourly paid pharmacists who were required to become immunization certified but were not compensated for the course work required to become certified.   Are you an hourly paid Pharmacist and were you required to participate in immunization training without being paid for your time? If you… Read more »