Favorite Bistro adv Struloeff



This is a Class Action suit on behalf of employees of Barth Cordell, aka Favorite Bistro, for failure to pay minimum wages and overtime as well as failure to timely pay all wages due and owing.

Defendant failed to provide health insurance benefits of less than 10% of employees’ total gross income while paying Plaintiff at an hourly rate of $7.25. Defendant employs and has employed in excess of 40 minimum wage, overtime, and waiting time penalty class members within the applicable time period. Plaintiff demands for herself and all other Class Members that Defendant pay unpaid wages for all hours and overtime hours worked during the relevant time period, together with attorneys’ fees, costs, interest, and punitive damages, as provided by law. They also demand sixty days of pay as waiting penalties.

The Parties engaged in extensive discussions regarding their respective positions and successfully reached a class settlement. The Honorable Judge Israel granted final approval in September of 2020. Settlement checks were mailed to Class Members in October of 2020.

A copy of the complaint can be accessed here.


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