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This is a collective and class action filed on behalf of Mortgage Loan Assistants (“LOAs”) for failure to pay overtime and wages due for work done outside the office.

guild mortgage computers

Plaintiffs were hourly paid Loan Officer Assistants or LOAs employed by Guild Mortgage Company. As an LOA, it was the Plaintiffs’ responsibility to shepherd mortgage loan applications from their inception to closure in addition to generating new loans. To fulfill these responsibilities, LOAs worked at their assigned branch locations about 40-hours per week and outside the office by attending open houses and other networking events. Defendant maintains a policy that only compensates LOAs for work done while in the office. However, any other work done outside of the office (including working from home on a company provided laptop) was done on the LOA’s own time, and Plaintiffs allege they were not properly compensated. Plaintiffs allege that this policy and practice was applied to Plaintiffs and all other LOAs who are employed by Guild Mortgage throughout the country.

Plaintiffs, on behalf of all LOAs, seek unpaid wages and overtime premium pay where applicable, penalties, and attorneys’ fees, costs, and interest as provided by law.

This case was settled on an individual basis in July of 2021.


If you are an hourly paid employee who is not compensated for your “out of office” work time please contact Thierman Buck, LLP immediately to discuss your rights.


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