Red Robin adv. Rosete



This is a class action on behalf of employees of Red Robin Restaurants in Nevada for shift jamming and failure to pay overtime wages.

Plaintiff alleged that she was scheduled to work shifts until late in the evening hours and then was required to return for her next shift the following morning to work a day shift, without having an uninterrupted period between shifts of 16 hours or more.  An employee who works a shift with less than 16-hours in between the end of one shift and the beginning of the next shift (“jammed shift”) must be paid overtime premium pay of one and ½ times her hourly rate of pay for hours over eight.  Plaintiff seeks payment for the wages owed, waiting time penalties, and injunctive relief under Nevada law.

If you are an hourly-paid employee who has experienced jammed shifts and you were not paid overtime premium pay for hours worked over 8 in a 24-hour period, please contact Thierman Buck, LLP immediately to discuss your rights.

This case entered into arbitration and was settled on an individual basis.

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Complaint – Red Robin

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