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This is a class action on behalf of patient-care employees of Renown Health for failure to compensate for all hours worked, failure to pay overtime premium pay, and for auto-deducted meal/rest periods that were uninterrupted.

Plaintiff’s Complaint alleges Defendant, Renown Health failed to pay patient-care employees for time spent recording and documenting patient care notes and records in the electronic records management system known as EPIC. Plaintiff alleges that she performed this work off the clock and/or during her meal/rest breaks. Plaintiff also alleges meal/rest period violations based on the fact patient-care employees had their meal/rest periods auto-deducted even if the employee was unable to take a full, uninterrupted meal/rest period, due to “charting” and/or being contacted on the Renown provided cell phone employees are required to keep with them at all times while on premises. Plaintiff further alleges that she was not paid the proper overtime premium rate for on-call shift hours worked, when the hours resulted in a workweek of more than 40 hours.

Plaintiff seeks damages in the form of wages owed for off-the-clock work, for three years immediately preceding the filing of her complaint — April 2017 to the present — compensation at 1 ½  times her regular rate of pay for all overtime pay owed, wages for missed/interrupted meal/rest periods, as well as 30 days penalty wages, and attorneys’ fees, costs, and interest as provided by the law.


If you have worked at Renown Health anytime between April 2017 and the present, performed work off-the-clock or during meal periods, have questions about your meal and rest breaks, on-call shift or overtime pay calculations, please contact Thierman Buck, LLP immediately to discuss your rights.

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Complaint Renown adv Nevett

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