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Letter from Mr. Thierman:

Dear putative class members— (all gig workers still not being paid unemployment compensation even though they have a valid claim pending with DETR):

Attached to this email is a stamped copy of some of the papers we filed with the Court in the above captioned class action against DETR for failing to pay approximately 60,000 gig workers a half billion dollars in Unemployment Compensation “when due.” I think the summary of argument in the Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support Of Ex Parte Writ of Mandamus sets out fairly well our theory of the case. We believe that the eight declarations from class members that we filed, plus the two declarations from our staff showing official DETR documents and a summary of the content of class member communication, describes the typical experiences and frustrations most self-employed gig workers are having with DETR.

Read More within the Status Update PDF