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A December 14th, 2015 story on SF Chronicle sheds light on the litigation process and the potential for the Reno Housing Authority case (Reno Housing Authority adv. Roces) to move to class action status. Judge Robert C. Jones noted that the case was both “interesting” and an “uphill battle for plaintiffs.”

The Thierman Buck team believes that this morally and legally objectionable practice and may be occurring at other housing authorities around the country.

Our original story on this case, Reno Housing Authority Being Sued by Disabled Vet, covered many of the particulars. In brief, Roces lost his job for complaining about his pay, which has been calculated to be lower than federal and Nevada minimum wage. Roces received free rent for his work as a handyman/maintenance worker for the Reno Housing Authority, but the amount of hours worked easily superseded the valuation of that free rent, earning Roces somewhere below $1 per hour.

Judge Jones said he planned to rule within 10 days, but a trial isn’t expected to begin until late 2016.