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Wynn Dealers Closer To Big Payday After Court Ruling Left Standing


wynn hotel

From Las Vegas Review Journal by Todd Prince

Hundreds of Wynn Las Vegas dealers are a step closer to a long-awaited fat paycheck.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied a petition by Wynn Las Vegas to overturn a lower court’s ruling that the casino operator must end its practice of sharing dealer tips with supervisors.

Wynn Las Vegas requires dealers to share 15 percent of the tips left by gamblers with their pit boss.

The company is the only Las Vegas gaming operator with that policy. Wynn dealers can earn close to six figures, potentially putting their total compensation above that of their supervisors.

“This is a major milestone for the dealers,” said Kanie Kastroll, a dealer who represents Wynn union workers. Kasatroll said the policy has cost her as much as $150,000 in tips over the years.

The dealers filed their latest case in 2013 in District Court in Nevada and lost. However, they came out victorious when they appealed to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Wynn Las Vegas subsequently brought the case to the Supreme Court.

Following Monday’s ruling, the case will go back to state District Judge Robert Jones, said Joshua Buck of Thierman Buck LLP, the firm representing the dealers.

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