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Warehouse Worker

By Hailey Konnath

Law360 (April 30, 2020, 9:58 PM EDT) — Amazon has agreed to pay an $11.1 million settlement to an estimated 200,000 of its warehouse workers to put to rest claims that they should have been paid for time they spent in security lines before and after work, according to a filing in Kentucky federal court Thursday.

The deal comes two months after a California Supreme Court ruling in a similar case that Apple workers are owed pay for time they spend in security lines. Named plaintiff and former Amazon distribution center worker Khadijah Robertson cited that case in her appeal of a June 2017 decision from the Kentucky district court tossing her claims that Amazon and fulfillment center operator Golden State FC shorted a proposed class of California workers by refusing to pay them for time they spent waiting to have their bags checked before and after work.

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