$13.5M Deal Ends Amazon Wage MDL That Went To High Court

By Melissa Angell Law360 (July 23, 2021, 9:15 PM EDT) — A Kentucky federal judge granted final approval Thursday to a $13.5 million settlement resolving multidistrict claims that over 42,000 Amazon.com warehouse workers weren’t compensated for time spent in mandatory security checks, ending an 11-year fight that made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. U.S. District Judge David… Read more »

Amazon avoids paying workers for long waits and walks

  Eleven years ago, an Amazon worker sued the company for screening him at the end of his shifts at its warehouse to make sure he wasn’t smuggling inventory out the door. The worker’s complaint: It was Amazon that was taking something from him. The case made it to the Supreme Court, where the warehouse… Read more »

Amazon Workers Ink $11M Deal In Security-Line Pay Suit

By Hailey Konnath Law360 (April 30, 2020, 9:58 PM EDT) — Amazon has agreed to pay an $11.1 million settlement to an estimated 200,000 of its warehouse workers to put to rest claims that they should have been paid for time they spent in security lines before and after work, according to a filing in Kentucky… Read more »

Supreme Court Mulls Whether To Hear Thierman Buck, LLP’s Integrity/Amazon.com Win

In a case that could have profound repercussions for how retail stores and warehouse operators set up their security apparatus, the Justices are being asked to consider whether the Sixth Circuit correctly ruled that Amazon workers in Nevada could pursue state-law class action claims that they weren’t properly paid for time they spent clearing security… Read more »

Court Of Appeals Holds Security Checks In Nevada Must Be Paid

After eight years of litigation, including the Nevada claims by Amazon employees being dismissed two times, and now reversed and reinstated by two separate Courts of Appeal, the 6th Circuit recently held that time spent undergoing security checks must be paid under Nevada law.   Law360 (September 19, 2018, 5:12 PM EDT) — Amazon warehouse… Read more »

Washington Amazon Lunch Break Lawsuit Can Proceed

On December 9, 2016 a Washington Judge granted class certification to Amazon workers for claims for unpaid wages due to lunch break security screenings. From Law360: Amazon Workers Get Partial Class Cert. In Screening Suit By Melissa Daniels Law360, Los Angeles (December 9, 2016, 7:35 PM EST) — A Washington state judge on Friday granted… Read more »

Amazon.com, Amazon Fresh, LLC, AF Operations, LLP adv. Mina

This is a collective and class action that seeks to recover unpaid wages for Amazon.com warehouse workers in the state of Washington who had to undergo mandatory security clearances before their lunch breaks and before leaving the warehouse facility. Because of the security checks, employees allege that they are owed wages for the time it… Read more »

Thierman’s Supreme Court Arguments Explained in Video Interview

Watch this 23-minute video from Lawyers, Guns & Money to better understand the arguments Thierman made before the U.S. Supreme Court in the class action case that pits hourly-paid warehouse workers against mega-company Amazon.com in order to recover workers’ wages for waiting in security clearance lines. We will have to wait 3 to 6 months before… Read more »

Amazon.com, Inc. and Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. adv Busk

This is a nationwide collective and class action that seeks to recover unpaid wages for Amazon.com warehouse workers who had to undergo mandatory security clearances before leaving the warehouse facility and were not compensated for that time.