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Grand Sierra Resort & Casino Overtime Lawsuit


Employees may have claims to unpaid wages due to time spent working while not clocked-in


In perhaps the largest wage and overtime lawsuit in the history of Reno, the Thierman Law firm is seeking to recover up to one hour of unpaid wages per day per employee of Reno’s Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (GSR). Now over 4,700 current and former hourly paid employees of GSR have been mailed a copy of a federal court authorized notice giving them the opportunity to participate in this group action.

Although the exact amount of damages are yet unknown, damages could exceed 50 million dollars for employees who performed work “off the clock”—i.e., before they clocked in and/or after they clocked out for the day—collecting keys, radios, cash banks, attending mandatory trainings, and changing uniforms, among other tasks.

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Official case record

For copies of the Notice and Consent Forms, please click below:

GSR – Notice (English)  GSR – Notice (Spanish)

GSR – Consent to Join (English) GSR – Consent to Join (Spanish)

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