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This is class action case on behalf of current and former employees of Papa John’s. There are two groups of employees in this case, (1) delivery drivers and (2) employees who were paid their final wages with a pre-paid cash card upon separation of employment.


Plaintiff alleges failure to pay wages under Nevada wage and hour laws through Papa John’s allegedly improper and unlawful automobile reimbursement policy. Plaintiff alleges that Papa John’s automobile reimbursement policy fails to adequately reimburse delivery drivers for automobile expenses resulting in a failure to pay proper minimum and overtime wages.

Plaintiff also alleges that Papa Johns fails to pay overtime wages for hours worked over eight in a single workday in violation of Nevada law. Additionally, Plaintiff alleges that Papa John’s use of a pre-paid cash card to pay final wages upon separation from employment which operates to unlawfully discount Plaintiff’s wages because a fee is charged to withdraw wages earned.


The Parties entered into a voluntary settlement agreement in October 2018 and the case has closed.


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First Amended Complaint (PJ’s Las Vegas)

Order Granting Final Approval (PJ’s Las Vegas)

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